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A small child, untidy and all, extends her arm, begging for something from passing strangers in the searing midday sun. The sight is familiar, but it does not get everybody into thinking. Almost everyone is pre-occupied with their own lives, unmindful of the world outside. People are busy building their own ivory towers to please the gods, but they remain indifferent to a mortal life that is not one’s own. We need to live beyond the confines of our own realities and learn to empathize. And just like that, we need to realize how important it is to diversify our preferences in terms of the porn videos we watch. PornPros Network should be something to begin with, both for your horniness and views in life in general.


When you have tons of cash, you wouldn’t care splurging on the things that you don’t even want. This time, it’s the best time to know that you actually have to settle only for the best and when it comes to porno media, nothing can be better than the creations of Fuck You Cash, this time with its PornPros subsidized network, which is a real badass when it comes to providing multitudes of never before seen, perhaps esoteric porn videos.

While the network contains several niche sites beefed together in one place, it is focused mainly on one thing: hardcore sex. With that said, expect nothing less than the magnified versions of your favorite niche sites, be it MILFs, teenage drama, sororities, fraternities, gang bangs, foursomes, threesomes and anything else you could think of. Just name it and this network will move mountains just to give you what it is that you love most.

Porn Pros Network is specialized in 25 minute videos and on. The reason is that this length is perfect in establishing and a concisely solid drama that blends perfectly with the sensual touches and penetration and full immersion. 2,800 plus scenes await the viewer. Don’t miss out on the 2,800 photo galleries to as they bring you 380 plus of your favorite videos.

Fuck You Cash has been in business for more than 10 years now. So if there was anything more accurate and effective in compiling niche sites that would really speak to every prurient man’s soul, that would be none other than them. And the PornPros discount offer is the greatest proof to that.


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PornFidelity says that marriage and couple don’t have to be stuck with limitation; there are so many options to explore when it comes to couple sex. It’s really enjoyable material. The definition that they give to marriage is of course their own interpretation. The couple doing the interpretation is Ryan and Kelly Madison. The material is swinging hard sex porn that you will enjoy. Ryan and Kelly are wed, but they decided to change things up and have more fun. They can be considered a couple that looks forward to getting into sexual positions with outside parties. So what else is inside? Let’s do some searching shall we!


They have over five hundred and thirty three videos, over one hundred and ninety thousand images. What that tells us is that you are going to face a really solid stack of porn to work through. Also, the updates that they have come in every week and that will increase the total amount inside. What happens mostly is that Ryan gets to mess about with his wife and one of her many sexual friends, or strangers every now and then. You therefore get material that is gal-gal-male or solo, or gal-gal, or gal-boy. It’s a nice variety.

The images you have to look at are in high-resolution jpeg formats. They give you two different sizes. You have the choice of 720p and 1080p HD movies. The site is customized in some areas and the design is also good for the users because it’s clean and colorful. The scenes come with information and you will still be able to arrange the gals according to their name, ethnicity, and other physical characteristics. All the gals who have played hardcore nasty with Ryan and Kelly are inside the model index. This particular freaky couple show creativity when it comes to producing the content for their site. The couple rides the gals, suck the gals, and extract very many fun orgasms from the gals. The professional camera work is laced with some home like amateur filming technique that you will definitely notice. It’s hard to explain how the videos look, you just have to preview some of the action inside and see.

Access to a bonus site called Teen Fidelity is given to you. So that is more content to contemplate on and to cum on if you know what you are doing. They impress us with flash streams, wmv, and mov file formats. Kelly says that the couple has to get together with another gal every week or things will not be very smooth for Ryan, she will get cranky. We like that!

Some people complain that they want the bonus to also include some of Kelly Madison other amateur sites. Apart from older content falling slightly when you look at the resolution quality, there cannot be anything else you will find disturbing inside this site. It is time you started making your way slowly to this site and buy a membership pass. We recommend our PornFidelity discount fully for all hardcore porn fans.

Viv Thomas

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Fame is only gotten when one has spent time and effort in what they do and this photographer called Viv Thomas has done exactly that no wonder his fame is well known. From his official site, you will be able to stack-up one after another, one hundred and fifty four thousand seven hundred pictures, then, get to have over two hundred videos.


So, when you join you are willfully aware that you are being given a lot of material. You will see that Viv doesn’t discriminate in his world because he gives you amateurs, babes, and famous pornstars. In addition, what kind of kinkiness can you expect from a man such as this? You can expect scenes with classic hardcore, lesbians, European gals, busty women, legs, asses, and so much more. Hand in hand, Viv takes you through various erotic scenarios so that you can really enjoy teasing cum out for your inner-self!

The formation of the archives is not something that is too drastic. The material from this site is supposed to be very exclusive. That exclusivity means you get to see niches like close-up, threesomes, orgies, fetishes, anal, and normal hardcore things like blowjobs, and other things you will appreciate. The variety is the approach that Viv likes using and it helps to keep things fresh for all who are watching.

Let’s look at what kind of quality that Viv promises to deliver. First, you are dealing with someone whose chosen profession is photography so you know that whatever he hustles up you will definitely like. There are many rich images inside, high res, over 5000pixel resolution. The high-end quality also goes to the production of videos. And that is why HD and 4000k bitrates movies is what you get. The low-res images are still in the 1000 pixel range, it’s really incredible.

The searching functions inside include advanced search options. Therefore, you get features and tools for finding gals with different hair color, body physiques, different photographers, and many different models, and we haven’t even touched the categories and the tags. All these things are only for you to be able to filter and find what you desire. The zip file gifts you three sizes, models have some kind of biography information inside the model index. Rating is done by the members, and you get updates every day. You will not be bothered by too many bad things inside this site.

Whatever Viv Thomas can bring will give you material you can lust after. It doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to pornstar official sites. The price range and the bonus material is good, you need to get yours, claim yours, and get inside this site!

Sapphic Erotica

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Sapphic Erotica is filled with risqué porn. It has to be in order to attract the kind of eyes that it needs, the kind of members that it needs. The guy who made the site, or maintains it, is a confessed aficionada of lesbian pornography. Now, the difference lies in how he goes about it. Instead of paying performers to act like they are into lesbian things, he asks and convinces real lesbians to have sex, for him, the camera, and in extension for you! So, that’s real gals, real pussy lovers, real deep lustful action. Sounds like our cup of tea really. Only lesbian and those who love the lesbian niche of hardcore pornography pass this point, those looking for heterosexual relations, better luck somewhere else.


Okay, now that we have you, let’s talk about the interesting or disappointing thing about this site. First of all, you will not find any coy or unwilling participants inside this site. All those taboos of gal-gal sex are just gone in the wind, gone forever inside this site. They go deep into pussy territory and they make that wet pussy cum and orgasm like so many times! The site looks feminine like you would except of a fully dedicated lesbian site. You will find the content split into categories.

Videos and pictures that are going to be released soon are also displayed; it’s more like you are given a quick look. They have clips; videos are streamed with resolution matching what you need from high to mid to low. Once a member decides to download, they can have various options available to them. Information about the pussy and the gals and the sex and the wet mess, and also information about other things is easily available (We clearly care about the first bit, not so much for the second but it’s there).

Everything a gal can accomplish on another gal who loves being messed with by a gal is done inside this site. They have different sub fields of lesbian porn; strapons, dildos, licking, insertion, anal play, squirting, fisting, ass licking, and the list goes on. The models are different, different asses, boobs, hair, and even fucking style and what they like to do is different. It’s all lesbian but its different, thus you are going to have variety. The updating? Yeah, that’s done every day of the week. And this means hundreds of pictures and movies. Over 1500 scenes, over 1900 image sets.

Who really could have foreseen that you could make a site with real lesbian gals and have over one thousand two hundred models show their twat for the camera. Who knew? These guys did. We have told you the site is solid in the navigation department. We have said they have enough lesbian sex to justify the membership fee, probably more than what you pay for. Performers and content? All lesbians, all exclusive. These are the final words on the subject of Sapphic Erotica, buy membership today!

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There are many worthwhile pursuits you can be involved in on the internet. One of them is spending mucho time with You call yourself a porn fan; you have to be a member here. It is the place where all the bawdiest biches cum to play. The promise is this, ain’t no other bigger place with more diverse content than these guys can always deliver. When you see the membership area you will like the raw fornication happening plus enjoy the filming quality. There are many dimensions to this porn provider and we hope to cover all the big ones for you. Let’s go!

We have barely settled into the site when we are confronted with over ten thousand different movies with that number constantly being revisited. We are confronted again with over 3800 image galleries with that number also being revised upwards. We are stunned…don’t know which gal has more sexiness oozing out of them because they all look fuckable. They have different models, bad babes, tattooed, big tit, vagina munching ladies, and every other type of model you can dream of. We are now tethering on full out madness!

It’s crazy how good quality porn can make you so hard, so ready to pop an artery or something. The short clips come from the longer DVD movies inside. When talking about the long list of niches that members always find inside then we have to say they do fulfill all the promises that they make, they take care of their obligations. There is a mix of material we would like to talk about. We could see that they can make both hardcore and softcore. That gives them flexibility and power to draw in an even more diverse group of members.

The growth of the amount of content that they can provide is not the only lateral expansions that they have made. They have increased the quality of movies. They have made pictorials more intense. That means they have moved, like the rest, from so-so kind of SD porn, to more entraining HD and high res formats. Streaming and downloading were always two things they liked doing, still do, so enjoy. The smell of nicely cooked aroma-filled hardcore porn is something that our noses are particular keen to. That is why we always find that the best guys in the business offer you variety cuisine for you to eat up.

This porn provider differs from the rest because of the reputation they carved into stone a long time ago. It may be strange to you, but it’s not to us, when people talk about the goodness of belonging to the discount deal. That is because we have tangled with them, have seen how quickly they can make one a real addict to their content. With the way they maintain that weekly pouring of updates, you are going to receive so much for your subscription. We recommend you tangle with them, tangle with them very hard!

X Art

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One thing I have come to realize lately is that the way I have been living lately is nowhere close to being healthy. Sleeping late in the early hours of the morning just to finish all of my writing and get my bills paid. And yet I am left with nothing but a literal penny. I have been missing out on so many things, so I decided to take quick breaks. And one thing I realized is that porn is still good when you have a reliable source with you. That’s why I’m today I’ll be doing a quick review of X Art, so carry on and learn what you need to know about it.


In case you have forgotten, the adult industry is its own industry. You know, it’s just like Hollywood with its own stars, shows and awarding ceremonies. The X happens to be an Oscar kind of porn site awardee in the industry for several years now and it is because of its never-ending legacy of pornographic filmography and all the great things that come of it.

X-Art lives by its name and I really wish they could have been a bit more subtle. But I guess there’s no point in obscuring what already is a good form of art. One thing I’ve learned in my brief research too is that the casting behind this company happens to be very considerate. They don’t really care much if you’re that beautiful or not. They have their ways to transform you — simple yet effective. They turn you into the beast you need to be for a purely enigmatic kind of pornformance.

As of today, there are 200 models who are officially recognized by the company and they are the essences of the 650 plus videos you get to enjoy. Add to that the fact that you get to explore over 750 photo galleries with images and scenic stills that will definitely get you mind blown. Each video would be good for at least 11 minutes of hanky-panky entertainment and the quality goes from normal high to HD.

Remember that from time to time you need to take a breather. You need art as an adult more than ever. You need to be emancipated from the reins of your existential absurdity. You need X Art and continue being motivated.

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Spirited arguments. I’m not sure about the Piketty guy who wrote something somewhat close to Norberg’s work to an extent, but this one shows comprehensive defense of globalization and vast empirical support. This is a book of much more data and less conclusory opinions from the author, this coming from someone who doesn’t trust much of globalization or classical liberalism.


Then after this, let’s give Marxism a try and I’m sure there are a lot of tasteful stuff that would appeal to many detractors of the ideology –including me. So give everything a chance, don’t always just pass. Go with WTF Pass which we are going to review today for your own information.

This must not be the first time you have come across a porn site with the word pass in it. You see, the adult industry has its unique ways of labeling websites and networks based on the category they fall under. Pass actually goes for any website that has a wide range of videos. Truth is, it’s a mega website that literally has thousands of high quality porn media in it. On that note, your life will be filled with meaning because everyday calls for something new and the very fact that you’re getting new stuff everyday is enough to keep one alive, especially in the name of nudity and its art.

I would really prefer that you come and check out the home page of the site right now, but since you’re here, might as well finish my take on it first. Basically, as a mega site, it has thousands of videos in it and the videos do come from several different niche sites. This then constitutes to the porno network which is WTF Pass. Some of the genres they would include would be the art of pickup, the Casanova style, fucking her right in the ass, fucking her in the pussy, masturbating inside the utility room, fucking inside the girls’ room and so on. Altogether, these videos would be a grandeur of 1,800 plus videos. The photos? Let me tell you there would 2,200 photo sets waiting for you there, so multiple that several times and you have an endless selection of amazing stills.

WTF Pass is a pay site and it makes itself worth the spend by continuously updating its database with nowhere below above the average pornographic content. Get all the porn motivation you need from this massive network of prurience.

Haze Her

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Are you guys’ familiar with the Dare Dorm? Well, if you’ve been spending much of your downtimes every night after work watching nude videos, it would be almost impossible for you to not have gone through a video from the site. Have you at least been able to watch college porn submission videos? Whichever the case may be, if you so happen to like this genre of the adult industry or that you simply love porn, I’m going to review one of the best real-life porn sites that you could ever get to encounter. It’s called Haze Her.


Let me ask you a question, how would you like to watch porn videos? Great, right? But have you ever thought of actually going for videos that are actually real and unscripted and simply wild and out? They do exist and I’m pretty sure that you have encountered vids like such before. But today is the time to find out that Haze Her is one of the most exceptional porn sites on that regard. They have all the best submissions totally cherry picked by the porno experts. All the videos are simply unadulterated and every piece is just filled with ardor and passion and emotion like you’ve never seen in any vid before. As the premise of the company goes, your nights will never be the way they always used to be because it’s time for an epic turning point in your digital coquettish endeavor.

If you’ve indeed heard about the site before and from lots of people, it’s not because of the hype the company is putting in it, but a clamor from the actual experience of the subscribers who are way beyond satisfied with what they get to relish from every videos. And that would include me! Basically, there are 61 videos injected into the site and you will come to notice that they are themed for sorority engagements, gang bangs in college dorms, college orgies and so much more. Take note that they are, again, all real and no scripts, just a couple college kids doing their thing – and girls being hazed as a matter of rite upon membership to the cult.

Do you want to experience Haze Her? By answering yes, you are definitely up to something real good and authentic. In order to get hooked into the site, all you need is $7.50 a month for the subscription. Just chill, have fun and enjoy the amazing vids of this site!

Dare Dorm

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A couple nights ago, I have been in deep contemplation, deeper questioning on how I should be leading my life right now. I can’t seem to stand the tedium anymore and I just want to fly away. If anything, I don’t have wings and also, it’s all a product of my imagination which is kind of sad. But then I look into the things that I can actually do, like getting together with my college buds. So, I did and it somehow felt kind of kinky one time, which reminded me to go watch some porn at my favorite porno spot that goes by Dare Dorm, which is now up for my awesome review!


The name of the site itself should be enough explanation on what it is really about. This is where all the college guys and girls would go to whenever they want to decide on whether they should be doing something different for a change. Or something rather wild for fame and money. Fame for a certain audience, that is. But hey, fame is fame, take it or leave it! What I’m trying to say here is that this site exhibits videos that are submitted by actual participants, which is to say real life college people. Like how awesome is that? Is this real life? Indeed it is!

What exactly should you be anticipating from the Dare Dorm? The name itself can be quite intriguing and for some clear reasons comes off too strong for any given audience. The question is, can it actually live up to the kind of premise is expressly and tacitly purports? Going by my own experience, I would say yes with the 160 plus videos they have available for viewing. Take note that these videos before published were actually scrutinized thoroughly by the experts just to ensure that everyone’s getting the best videos possible. Each vid is rendered in HD mode and expect full length vids that would go from 30 minutes all the way to an hour’s play of total fun and madness. Also, check out the monthly specials they have and you will be stunned by their champion of submissions, who are naturally sexy and wild and entertaining to the voyeuristic audience.

The great thing about Dare Dorm is that they don’t ask much. For as low as $9.95 a month, you get the full access you need from their ultimate database of awesome college porno. Don’t contemplate, just go make the decision to subscribe to this legendary porn resource!


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Guys love girls who are hairy. And I mean it from all the way down there. I can’t seem to decipher why. I mean I’ve been in a relationship for a long time now and my girlfriend would tell me she doesn’t want the hair to grow too much from down there because it gets hot and sometimes even causes some itch. And for someone who had tried growing a beard, I can’t seem to agree more.


But in this site that I’m going to review right now, they glorify chicks who have lots of hair stuck up around their vagina and it is only by watching its videos that I became motivated to explore the jungles of my own girl when her hair was once not shaved from down there. I had her consent and it was amazing, and so is WeAreHairy.

Pubic hair, that’s the right term for it. Ah, if you only know how much it adds up to the satisfaction one can get from the taste of these magical hair of nudity. When you lick your girl’s pussy and she’s got tons of darks down there, the feeling is amazing, like the fresh winds blowing to your face and the fresh rivers flowing through your veins. And the reactions of all the guys who take part in the magical endeavor of We Are Hairy are so good at portraying the perfect response that truly encourages every man to fuck a girl with a hairy pussy and even a hairy ass.

Amazingly, the site has a lot to offer with its chosen niche. Currently, there are 1,100 plus videos that you can choose from and each video would be good for at least 15 minutes worth of awesome playback. The quality is so amazing as well, you can see every detail in a way that does not at all gross you out but makes you more aroused than the usual. You can download the videos as well as long as you are subscribed to the site.

Overall, the site has a 9.5 out of 10 rate from all of its avid reviewers. And in addition to its promising entrenchment, it updates on a weekly basis, therefore letting you have the excitement of someone who has something to expect every now and then. Yes to the WeAreHairy discount all the way!

Amateur Allure

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The thing about our ideas is that they are all recycled. No matter how much we try to think of something else, when you look at the books, ask an expert or look around you, you will come to understand that these ideas have already been precedented and that today we are merely serving the purpose of representing these original trains of thought. But the journey does not end there. It’s all a matter of creativity, it’s all about how unique and creative you can present something so trite. And in the name of porn, one of the best in the field of creativity would be Amateur Allure.


A porno resource that seems very common right in the surface, but very different once you get inside and immerse for the experience. And it wouldn’t be made possible without the guy who goes by the name Thomas. He’s 40 years old and he has the body of a highly principled person. He does all the work necessary, from filming to the editing.

He is basically the very core and foundation of the site for it is his cock that which all the women in the site suck and relish. It is his cock that penetrates the deepest depths of their vagina for the ultimate orgasm. In other words, he has the best job in the world, and even more so with him being able to follow through his passion – girls and sensual pleasure.

Amateur Allure houses the most promising videos a 40 year old man could ever give to his audience, a rendition that exceeds the vigor of a 20 year old lad. Thomas is proud to present to you 500 plus videos, each good for at least 15 minutes each. All the videos are on HD mode, you can choose the videos by preference, be it with the name of the models, the kind of porn you want to see, like blowjobs and creampies and cumshots and whatnot. The best part, you can download as many as you please.

I admire Thomas because he knows how to pull his shit together. He is the Adonis of the porn world and the adult industry. If you want to see him in live action and get to fuck different girls on a day-to-day basis, subscribe for only $25.00 a month.

Pure Mature

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There’s an upside to everything. And just when you think growing old is such a bad thing, it’s not. Take this, when you grow old, you gain experience, especially if you live your life in a way that lets you really see the things around you and get a kind of awareness that even Bill Gates cannot really hold on to life without. So today, on the note of aging for wisdom, I’m going to review a site that will truly resonate with this promise of a lifetime endeavor.


The thing we should never forget is that we are not really as awesome as we think we are. That’s why if anything, always respect your elders because that is just how it is supposed to be. And in case you’re wondering what kind of mature content this site is really offering, take this: “We have the best MILFs in town.” With that being, you should be able to have the right expectancy on what really is to come for you upon subscribing. And MILFs are awesome, they are like blades forged through the hottest form of heat. They are strong and capable. They don’t just take pleasure from boys and men, they teach them how to satisfy a woman. It’s a mutual symbiosis that you never could think of to be existent. It’s just, magical.

There’s much for you to anticipate from the wonderful database of Pure Mature. First of all, you get the MILFs, as mentioned earlier. Another thing, you get the best MILFs and that’s a totally different story, if you come to think of it. With that being said, let me give an awesome revelation. PM is overloaded with the hottest MILFs with its 168 videos. Yup, in a short span of time, it has been able to spawn nothing less than ultimately divine pornographic videos about hot moms seducing their stepsons or their sons’ friends or daddy’s best friend and so on. The crazy thing here, some of the videos are actually real, you know, cheating wives, who believe that you only got one shot in this life and sometimes it doesn’t take anything less than deviating to gain true satisfaction. Touche on that!

Apart from being able to stream the videos in HD, you can also download them the same. For a cheap subscription of only 15 bucks a month in its promo rate, what more could you ask for? It’s the hottest moms in action for you at Pure Mature!


Top BangBus Discount

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Save $15 – $14.95 for an entire month


There are lots of people out there capable of doing so many types of shit during their free time. Being creative during your leisure is actually good for your existence. I mean, YOLO. Once you die, there’s no rising from a Lazarus Pit whatsoever. When you die, end of the line for you, oblivion, boom, you become where you once started from, stardust of the galaxy.


So much for that, I’ll be doing a quick review of one of the best, or perhaps the best and pioneering reality porn sites of the adult industry. I’m pretty sure you’re familiar of it and that you’ve thought it’s already gone. But it’s not. It’s just more prepped into some real hardcore action. It’s the BangBus, so read on ‘cause you know you want it.

I would like to believe that some people are really into the whole all work with no play makes stupid Jack a dull boy kind of motto. And that really makes sense, I have nothing against it. But some people would take the whole motto to the next level. BangBus is one of the greatest proofs for that. It is one hell of a site that will show you how a gang of guys will be roaming around the streets with their van trying to pick up chicks to a lot of success. One the fish has been lured, they will fuck them right in the pussy in the backseat. What comes thereafter are usually shown in their new and improve Bang Bros Network. But here is where it all begins and it is nothing less than epic.

Expectancy, that’s what we all have. For something that is acclaimed as a legend in the porn industry in the category of reality shows, the B-Bus has over 520 videos to show. What’s even more amazing is that they show full episodes that would range nothing less than 55 minutes and on. Basically, you will see them driving like crazy, whistling down chicks, getting them inside the car and banging them like there’s no tomorrow. Ofttimes they pay the chicks, but sometimes because of how handsome and muscular they look, they get the pleasure for free. You know how some girls can be and it’s a win-win situation! There are also photo galleries that come together with the videos while you can also download anything you want to no limits per day. The database itself is the limit!

For something worth $29.95, the BangBus discount does not fail to impress its audience. Being able to still produce class videos like they have always been, you are definitely choosing the right company for your porno flask’s satiation. You go get that subscription, perv!

Digital Desire

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Save $5 – $14.95 for one month


DD Girls, or Digital Desire, is one site with lots of promises on the type of material that they make. The guy pushing the site onwards and forward is one JS Hicks. This talented cameraman has been all over the industry working and gaining experience from the best in the erotic porn world business.


The site changed its name and it’s changed the way it produces material for the better. Yes, you must be thinking that these guys are not really all that different since they have porn, models, beautiful pornstars and that’s it!

The first difference is the fact that the site features JS Hicks body of work. So, you get exclusive and non-exclusive material from a real photography legend. Second thing is that the collection of material that he makes is really powerful stuff. The nude photography is stunning, he has the eye, and the true battle tested experience of making such action so no amateur mistakes here! Still not convinced huh, there is more then, trust us! We told you that the models look amazing right! You are going to find the range goes from new amateurs, glam gals, models, to famous stars. The difference here is that there is always a sense of personal touch when it comes to the models. That helps to set their material apart just a little bit.

You will see incredible pussy close-up images as well as lots of softcore material that Digital Desire only makes. The sizzling material inside also displays a great resolution quality that is around 3000 pixel quality. The HD options that you will find for the movies include 720p videos. The images are sort of given priority and that is why they have more galleries than movies. Inside they have 3020+ picture galleries and over 1180 movies on offer. You have capable browsing tools and filters that allow members to select things like hair color, boobs, and other traits of the body when it comes to the gals. You also find tags, favorites, ratings, and various links and menus to help in your navigating problems.

The streaming functions with multiple settings help you to check out the great videos inside. You will also find a zip file provided for image downloading, those who want to see the images online could utilize the slideshow feature. They add stuff every week with 5 pic sets, and 2 videos every week. Some of the images and videos may have a lower res quality but this is not so common and it’s not something that should worry you too much.

Digital Desire Girls is working hard to maintain the first class ranking that it has and you can see that from the material that they offer. They have placed all the essential tools you need, made their material in terrific quality, rounded up some of the best gals in the game. They are a site you need to check out, that is the bottom line!

Playboy TV

Top Playboy TV Discount

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Playboy TV taps into the Playboy Company to come up with material that has been produced by this company. The action you will see inside comes from your favorite telly programs that Playboy has made and continues to make. You will be able to download all the action straight to your computer. There a lot of episodes that they have and most of them are long ones.


Many of the hottest and favorite shows like School Of Sex, House Calls, and many others are featured inside this website.

If you do not have their channels on your telly, this website is the perfect alternative. Everything inside is original material from Playboy. The site has done a magnificent job of collecting all this action into one spot. There are many parodies that you will see including ongoing series that the company produces. You just have to part with the low monthly subscription and you can have it all. The quality of the films has never been something that this company has ever disappointed, and they continue this tradition inside this site. You get HD 1080p movies. There are options you can use to download the action. There are mp4 and flv file formats.

The design that the website has used is vivid and professional looking. They maintain that class and sophistication that you have seen in their magazines and porn channels. You have a model index. Searching of the material you want can be done using protocols like genre, model, series, etc. The series come with information about the actors, pics, and a list of the seasons available. They are making things simple as possible inside this site. The website updates often, and it looks like daily update to us. They can be very generous on some days and give you more than one update. Information about the run time for the episodes and the sizes of the files is available. Tagging the material is another thing that these guys do very well.

There are shows inside this website that are a bit scarce when it comes to the material. The site has 480p and 720p HD material, but an upgrade to 1080p would put them in a better position. All the material is exclusive; they also have over 190 models inside. We also need them to offer different file formats for videos and not just the mp4 file format. Even when you are looking at the mid and low res material they offer, you will still appreciate the direction that the material sets before you to follow.

For those searching for a site that houses all of Playboy TV productions, this site is going to be quite the catch. They offer anyone who desires it streaming and downloading HD movies from the company. They are good in everything that they do and touch, check them out!


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Save $10 – $19.95 for an entire month


One thing I’ve learned in my 22 years of existence, some things can only happen for a certain moment in time. That is why whenever there’s an opportunity for something that you always wanted, never lose the courage to take a leap of faith and the chance to finally have a shot in attaining your goals.


Today, we are going to do a quick review of a site relevant to the whole taking that deep dive for a chance thingy. It’s a porn site that will enamor you with the youthful beauty it oozes with and the rebelliously drawn passion it depicts. These girls may not last for long, but there will surely be a new set that comes thereafter. It’s a cycle that they’re following through, a phase that has become inevitable. Without further ado, let me give that quick review of a site called TeenMegaWorld.

The name of the site should speak for itself. Oh yes, you know you guessed it right. This is your virtual remedy, the place where you get to enjoy as much teenage sexiness as you want. But, what makes this site different from its competing entries in the industry? They do not just create scripted videos. Half of their collection are created under spontaneity, when one of the team members would feel like doing a girl he doesn’t even know. And that’s the only way there is to knowing someone. You get into a conversation with a girl and once you get the timing, you tell her she’s beautiful and that you want to show her the world. That is the most romantic way you can tell her that you want to fuck her without actually saying the words. It really works and the contents of this site are here to serve as iron proof.

Get ready to enter the real colossus. The TeenMegaWorld discount is not called mega for no valid reason. They have produce thousands of videos throughout the years and today, they have a database of over 3,500 high quality videos. Each video would run for at least 14 minutes to give you the kind of teenage satisfaction you desire. They also have 3,500 photo galleries that serve as supplementary material to the actual videos.

In addition, all of the videos can be downloaded to formats that would match any android and Apple device. With all this being said, TeenMegaWorld is worth the $7.50 monthly subscription. Enjoy!


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The female body is one of the most precious things in the world. You may not know this, but there are actually lots of ways to enjoy it. The exploration goes beyond the depths of your imagination. It’s all about finding the fissures and to trying to fix them.


More to the point, you can simply go with finding the crack and giving it the kind of fix it needs. Will it be deep penetration? Will it be the twister tongue? The best always depends on your predilections, but today we’re going to give it enough thought and appreciation through a review of InTheCrack.

If you have even been through Video Box, then you can really say that this site is pretty much akin to that, only that it is in a much smaller scale. But as far as potency goes, they are pretty much of equaling levels. That is a way to say that the InTheCrack discount is actually a porn site that shows a little of bit of everything in the industry, with further emphasis on the details and nitty-gritty of the female body in the art of sensual immersion. They have been around for a decade now and in celebration, they are offering a big discount to the subscription fee as well as weekly bonuses that never once were presented before. So if there’s a perfect time to try this site out, that would be now. But keep on reading to learn more.

One of the greatest feats of this site would be the vividness of the colors of every video. The rationale does not only lie within the purpose to bring forth high quality imagery, but also to compensate for the dirtiness of the contents. That is then a way to say that ITCrack is a hardcore porn site. So while it gives off a little bit of all the things that you need to know about having sex with a girl, what to do with her body when she’s feeling kind of bored, how to get her into the mood when she’s clearly not, it shows all that in the light of a wild, unreserved manner. Something to really dig for more. All in all, there are 990 plus videos in their database and it grows to 10 or more by the week.

From an original price, InTheCrack is currently running a promo of only $34.95 for a subscription. It will run for a whole month, but once you have signed up under this promo, the rate will remain so with every renewal even beyond the promo period. So if anything, you’ll really find yourself enjoying porn like never before.


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Save $15 – $19.99 for an entire month


There’s this one site that just from the name of it, you can easily theorize that it is definitely a dirty and stinky porn site. But, sometimes, we’re out there trying to prove something only to end up being disproved. That happens to be the case of the DogFart Network, the porn site I was talking about.


I thought of it negatively until I finally gave it a leap of faith with the unrelenting persuasion of my pervy friends. And it wasn’t something I regretted at all, but rather a decision I was happy about. It’s my new midnight station and today I’m happily making a review of it to save you guys the doubt and fill you with certainty.

Dog Fart is actually a well-established pornographic resource since long ago and I happen to have just discovered that. Hooray to me for being so late, but I guess that’s better than never. The new DF Network is where they have finally decided to organize all of their collections together as a determining principle. Here, you will get to enjoy all the updates they release from time to time, all the videos they have created since the time of DogFart’s inception, as well as behind the scenes of footage and clips of porn videos. Well, isn’t that interesting? Seeing your favorite porn stars in the making is truly a fascinating act to immerse into. You will be humbled in the whole process and you will learn to love your porn stars all the more. An unexpected profundity lies within.

Dog Fart didn’t go a long way for no reason. One of the biggest factors that led to its success would be its incessant updates into their database. Since they are hooked to over 12 mega porn sites, you can enjoy up to 5,200 plus videos, which grows by the day. All the videos are of high quality and there are some picks that can be played in HD. You can watch videos based on your preferences through the filtered search or you can try something new through the front page recommendations.

$8.33 a month is all it takes to get hooked into the world of DogFart Network. With that value being too little compared to the vast range of contents it offers, you have nothing to worry about your money’s worth. I say that by continuous growing DFN experience. Enjoy!

New Sensations

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Save $20 – $9.95 for one month


I really love porn networks over mere sites. They just contain a lot of variations that I can’t seem to find from the usual source. With that being said, I am going to do a quick review of one of the networks that I’ve been using for the past couple months now. It’s a name that you might have heard from your other prurient friends or simply through other site recommendations. Either way, it’s none other than the New Sensations Network.


If you have been looking for a foolproof choice in the name of not squandering your money for senseless porn, New Sensations should be the perfect choice for you. The network has been around for quite some time now and it continues to bring new and rather evolutionary porn into the arena. One of the things that make this network famous would be its richness in well-known porn stars. Another reason would be the fact that they have a lot in their arsenal — thousands of videos in just one portal. Of course, it totally connects since there are several networks linked into this site. For some added bonus, they have exclusive photo galleries made available to all of their beloved members, which you could be one of.

As an initial look into, it didn’t really look that unusual to me. Perhaps because everything in it tended to be simple. But as they always say, never judge a book by its cover, never judge this network with how simple the surface looks. Basically, it’s just a way of being genuine to its members, a way to improve the user experience. A simpler look means investing everything into a high performance network that carries more than 5,000 plus scenes of lust, romance and prurient action. There are 4,760 photo galleries with each gallery holding around 170 pictures. Add them all up and you have an endless line of sensual please just at the grab of your pocket since you can watch the videos via the mobile version of the network.

In order to enjoy the videos offline should you be somewhere without any stable collection, you may want to consider downloading your favorite videos. It’s something you have unlimited access to as a New Sensations Network member.


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You have to realize that everything in this world is an enterprise and that everyone is doing their business. People are doing all they can for a living and sometimes, in ways that we can’t imagine. Who would have ever thought online entertainment would draw limitless borders to the adult industry?


It is such a miracle, so is the very existence of 21Sextury. At the sound of it, you may think it’s some kind of realty market for the nude entrepreneurs (in the literal sense.) Well, what do you know, it actually is and today, we’re going to have it for review.

The site is one that tends to attract all of the male species out there right from the surface. From there, they will be lured deeper into the receptacles of the site, category by category, video by video, immersing deeper into the point of unwavering pleasure. Going by experience, it is pretty much reminiscent to Digital Playground with its modern theme and HD quality pictures. If anything, you can’t expect anything less than beautiful from what this site has got to offer, no matter what your taste and preferences may be.

Be prepared to a fun roller-coaster ride with 21 Sextury. That sentiment goes by several reasons which would include the massive amount of videos they have been able to entrench into their bases. But it’s not just about the seemingly non-quantifiable content they are able to mill, but also the depth of the videos. To be honest, it is rather surprising for a porn site this marvelous to produce a vast array of videos without flopping on the richness of what they do run a business for. Currently, there are over 8,764 movies to view with an average length of 30 minutes per video. You will be awed to see the brilliant stars who are actually treading this virtual pavement, which would include Zanna, Sunny Leone, Alexis Texas, Brandy Love and a lot more. There is also some joy you might find from the niche selection tool, where you can go with Footsie Babes, Toy Love, Sexy Policewomen and so on.

There are also photo albums which you should not forget to check out. They have some pretty nice outfits there and most importantly, the absence of outfits! With the 21Sextury discount worth $9.95 a month, you get to experience 9 out of 10 quality pornography!


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Save $3 – $12.00 for an entire month


Accuracy is something we all seek in this life. There are things we dream of and there are ideals on how we want to shape our life. The same thing applies for everything, and porn is definitely not an exception to that.


On that note, VideoBox, I’ve learned, is one of those underrated yet high quality porn sites that provides exactly what every man could need for a porn material.

If you’ve spent your whole life, or at least most of your recent times, trying to find an exact copy of what’s been running inside your head, is the definite go-to for that matter. Originally, the site was called Climax Corner and they have always been famous for having one of the largest collections of high quality porn content at the best rates over the web. The site specializes in several different niches showing true ardor in delivering the finest of all the walks of nudity. If anything, the existence of Video Box will definitely come off timely in your case, just as it was to mine.

The site is a box full of surprises. It contains just about anything you could ask for when it comes to porno. First off, there are the DVD format videos. The quality, therefore, is seamless, giving a total crisp and clear viewing for every male voyeur eye out there. From an original database of 50,000 videos, the site has now expanded to over 88,000 scenes. Apart from being able to stream that massive collection of sex scenes, the VideoBox discount membership allows every member to download any of the things that they want off the site. Also, upon downloading, the site lets you choose the format of the video to make sure it will play on your device wherever, whenever. While the videos have an average length of 20 minutes each, we also cannot let the photo galleries be left unnoticed, in which there are over 4,500 albums for you to watch.

Quality, check. Quantity, surely immense. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this porn site is worth the cent. Plus, it’s subscription fee is just as cheap as $8 a month. Going by all of its videos, HD photos and site privileges, you’re definitely moving into a whole new level of exceptional pornography. Enjoy!

ALS Scan

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Save $10 – $19.99 for an entire month


Porn has gone and come back to various porn trends over the years. Long ago people dint use to like hair on their gals, then they did, then they dint again. The point of this whole story is to tell you there is now a porno site, ALS Scan, where you can get All Ladies Shaved porno!


The rise in hairless women porno is not something that just happened suddenly. It is something that has been building up slowly and now is in the form of this wonderful site. This site is connected to MET Art network. Once you cross the threshold and buy that membership pass, you will be walking into a world of carnal, physical, sexual pleasure with no hairs in sight! The models inside this site are beautiful creatures that just want to please all members all the time. You will witness both hardcore sex scenes and some more softcore material inside. You will see some recognizable faces of various stars inside this site. The young adult pussy inside are all clean-shaven, so that you can see all the spectacular detail of the bewitching young smut pussy.

We get excited watching what this site does to us and you will feel the same way too once you’re a member. The gals inside this site are legal teens and sexy models who are definitely in their early twenties. They come from Europe and US. They are young so their bodies are simply perfect with gorgeous skin, firm tits, nice asses, and very hungry and shaven pussies. You will see lesbian, masturbation, hardcore, solo, and some great modelling shots of beautiful babes. You will also find 1080p HD movies inside. They have a ALS Scan discount catalog that has some 2230+ picture galleries and 1827+ scenes/videos. The videos you will find have formats like mp4, divx, avi, windows media. These formats allow you to stream of download the material you want. The updates that this site does are coming hot and fast. They have multiple updates of movies and pictures happening every week. This means higher numbers, more shaved pussies, and constantly fresh galleries for you. You will find the picture sets have 200 pictures each and that they have high res images inside the galleries.

The action inside involves teens and young sex models sometimes takes a kinky, more extreme, turn. That means insertion scenes, DP, anal play and toys, and even some squirting action. The thing that doesn’t change so much is the good production quality that the material offers all members. The producers definitely seem to know a thing or two about shaved pussies, member’s desires, and high quality porn!

There may be some old material deep inside that is not the HD and High Res quality we are all demanding nowadays. This old material is still watchable. You are not going to find lots of flaws with this site. Our recommendation is that you check out the revamped ALS Scan pornsite…you will not be disappointed!

ATK Petites

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ATK Petites is just the way it sounds…full of petite women. There are many people out there who simply find the slender young ladies completely irresistible. Maybe it’s because they look so easy to dominate, and have lots of fun with sexually. Or in the case of this site, maybe it’s because they can explode into sexual vixens who just want to get nasty!


This site was created for those who appreciate the quality work that ATK has been making, and those who simply cannot get enough of young hot slender gals. You will see many scenes inside that show you the long shlongs penetrating those small tight holes, masturbating gals, solo, and even petite gal-gal action. Sounds simply divine right? Let’s look at them some more!

Walking into this site you will find some 22638+ picture galleries and over 6600 videos. Wow! Now that is a quantity that you can really get lost in and have so much gooey fun! You will see various pornstars inside. These gals pack one hell of a punch when it comes to all issues about sex prowess. Just because the gals are tiny doesn’t mean they can’t make grown men moan and beg for some more, cause they can and they do! The lustful ladies inside all share that familiar body type. They are generally small with generally huge appetites for sex. The smuts the site presents are some of the best in the game. You know how ATK rolls, nothing but super quality and super sexy!

You will find information relating to each of the models inside this site. That means that they have profile pages, and these pages are linked to their pics and movies inside the massive galleries. You will be able to sample a bit of the personality that makes these “small packages” have such alluring effect on you! The images are of course the most sought after thing on this site. It’s something that the makers of all ATK material know, fans love their pictures. The quality is reasonably high with high res galleries and you have zip file for downloading. You will have a search engine to move you around the site and offer different petite porno for your hungry eyes. You will be able to select the babe you want according to different physical traits. The site looks like they are doing multiple updates almost on a daily basis. This is good news for voracious porno fans who always are hunting for more.

The videos are normally 12 minutes long. You get mov, flv, mp4 file formats. There are full-length videos inside. Finally, this site never compromise on quality and they give you HD videos to enjoy.  ATK Petites covers all your softcore and hardcore niche pleasures. They have hundreds of petite models waiting to show you that sometimes small is definitely better! If you like this kind of niche, then we recommend this high quality site full heartedly!


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AmKingdom, or ATK Galleria, is probably the Holy Grail for you readers with a fetish for Amateur Porn. In fact, they even proclaim themselves as “one of the best sites for amateur porn”! They bring an extremely large online collection of amateur porn to the table, alongside a motley of some of the most fresh, beautiful and hot & horny young girls who tend to fall between 18-23 years.


In terms of design and accessibility, being one of the older sites around, one can observe vestiges of its older and less-user-friendly interface. A useful feature of this porn site is that it provides daily updates through a scrolling text box. Further, the site distinctly provides the option to view a particular porn star photos or to view movies (segregated by gallery number). A slight downside of the pictures is that you cannot know for certain what type of pictures will be thrown up until you click on the particular porn star’s thumbnail. Having said that, on being directed to a particular porn star’s personal page we can navigate through their photos and videos till we chance upon the one we were searching for.

Another thumbs up for the site is its advanced search engine, which throws up numerous related thumbnails if one simply searches in the respective field of photos or movies.

The crown jewel of the site is its abundance of videos (9533!) which are provided in an extremely wide variety of HD, Full HD and even Ultra HD – thus making it a visual and physical delight to watch. While certain older clips are available for download in MPEG clips the newer ones can be saved in Windows Media and mp4 format (with the latter providing much higher quality). Not content at providing these formats, ATK Galleria also provides QuickTime – thereby also enabling users to stream numerous movies even in embedded players. As mentioned above, AmKingdom provides a user with 9533 movies – a vast majority of which is in HD, FHD or UHD – segregated into 8 broad categories ranging from Masturbation, BlowJobs, Babes and Lingerie to CoEds, Amateurs, Action and Upskirts and Panties. This voluminous range also helps form the source of the mind-boggling range of 26948 pics, most of which are also in High Definition.

On considering the membership price, which ranges from $29.99/30 days to $64.99/90 days, with the routine updates and additions made to the site, it seems a superb match for the connoisseurs of this particular category – especially given the vast quantity and quality. Thus, we can conclude that ATK Galleria is an amazing site for Amateur lovers who cover everything from hardcore (Action, Masturbation) to the soft stuff (Coeds, Lingerie). Further, there is no download limit either.

Top Discount

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coupon is an extremely popular porn site which is frequented, routinely, from numerous parts of the globe – from the US to the UK, from Finland to France and from Indonesia to Italy. This is primarily due the vast archive of movies available on this site. Kink currently provides a subscriber with a whopping 9877 videos – more videos than most other websites combined.

Also, most of these videos are view-able, and even downloadable, in HD resolution of 1280x780p – thereby heightening the visual pleasure one can derive from seeing those two guys pound the fuck out of that sexy ass and pussy! To help its subscribers get true value for their money, Kink also provides really good quality non-HD videos – helping all view even that vintage ass getting screwed in good quality.

KinkOnDemand, the subscription service proffered by currently, is a novel one – it implements a token based system, wherein a subscriber buys “kinks” instead of certain minutes, like those on other sites. Clicking a thumbnail directs one to a page displaying a trailer of the same. Generally, you are then presented with 2 choices – stream the flick for 0.15 – 0.25 kinks/minute or purchasing the entire scene (this includes the photos and usually multiple viewing options). Having said that, certain episodes, obviously, cost a bit more than certain others.

The pricing, which ranges from $19.99/20 tokens to $159.99/178 tokens, is high if one joins all the Kink sites individually, even with the discounted rates proffered. They go head to head with other competitors on comparing VOD but it’s gets a little ambiguous when deciding if it offers the best value for money on the whole, despite numerous scenes being for great bargains, as the prices of scenes vary a lot. Further, one can’t save a video as their favorite nor avail of any advanced search features due to the lack of keyword tags for the videos.

In a bid to ensure you get unique content, they’ve tied up for exclusive content with sites like Fucking Machines, Hogtied, Divine Bitches, Sex And Submission and The Training Of O – which enables one to fulfill numerous fetish – from Gay and BDSM to Transsexual and Virtual Sex as well! As mentioned, all this provides users with a vast array of 9877 high quality videos to choose from. Further, you are provided true heaven in the form of 9737 + HD pictures of 1024×768 p. With an average length of about 30 minutes, no download limit for the humongous archive of assorted videos, an equally extensive gallery of some of the best nude and sex pictures on the net and 250+ additional third-party video, Kink promises to provide the voyeur in you more pleasure than you can possibly handle! Thus, one can conclude that and KinkOnDemand are undisputed champions in terms of quantity as well as quality – even if they get a tad expensive in certain areas!


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Save $10 – $19.95 for an entire month


There’s only one thing you need to know about life and it is that you are dying. The moment you were born on this world meant that you are always a moment closer to your cessation.


That is a sad truth that we need to face. No one is really born to obtain life, but to receive only death at the end of the line. But, the truth is, none of it is what matters. It’s not about your alpha and omega, it’s about what you put in the middle. It’s all about making meaning to your fleeting existence and how you are to live up to that end. So if you’ve been watching porn all this time, you will need to migrate channels. Something resemblant to the precepts of good living. Something that’s ZTOD.

Have you ever wondered what these letters stand for? ZTOD actually stands for zero tolerance which means to say the site does not tolerate any porn video that’s bullshit. They only create the best and not only that, they propagate them. The creators know for a fact that their existence is evanescent which is why they are always in the pursuit to give all they can, buffing the site with a full list of all the videos you could ever think of in the sexual context paired with the best range of quality possible.

With access to our ZTOD discount, you get over 7,000 amazing scenes that you can watch. These videos are contributed by over 2,600 super hot models that the site has in their circle. All the contents are extremely ravishing. It’s a beyond the boarders type of nude site, which is what really amazes me. They put up updates every week and sometimes even on a daily basis. Furthermore, this hub has got more to offer than any other typical collected videos porn site out there.


Top OnlyTease Discount

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There’s so much that this world has got to offer and it’s not always what’s on the end of the line that we need to focus on. Just because the porn industry is here, it doesn’t mean we always have to give appreciation only to those who are willing to put out all the way to full nudity.


Now that a lot of statements have been rising from here and there, especially the one from Emma Watson’s speech during the United Nations General Assembly, we have to give respect that women don’t always want to go all the way there. Sometimes, they’re just up to tease because that’s where they find pleasure. But, anything that goes beyond there is a violation to their need for discretion. That’s why if you respect the choice of women, you would turn to OnlyTease, now up for review.

OnlyTease is an adult site based on the famous land of the United Kingdom, the place of the royals like the kind of David Cameron and so much more. As such, the site does not tend to be an emissary of incessant full nudity. It takes things bit by bit, slowly and calmly, like the way English people would. Don’t be surprised to see how a video ends with a scene where a girl unclips her bra and then it’s dark as an end. There is beauty in teasing and without it, we wouldn’t be driven to go out there and go find a girl who’s really able to draw the kind of full pleasure we seek. OnlyTease lives for the purpose of motivating you by the penis to go out and go get them girls rather wasting your arousal and semen to useless masturbation shit.

First of all, there are over 830 models in the OnlyTease discount access database. Altogether they contribute to a 1.2 million list of images and 2,300 videos that range from 15 to 45 minutes per piece. The videos are all high definition, which really make them candies for the eyes. The photo resolutions are magically ultra. And to give you options, there are fully nude videos, which would really help if you’re still preparing for the outdoor women studding. All these for only $33.31 is definitely not a bad deal at all.

ATK Premium

Top ATK Premium Discount

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Save $5 – $24.99 per month for two months


The ATK Premium website is just one of several under this ATK banner, but if it matches up to the quality of the other sites in the network, then we are in for an absolute treat. This site does of course focus on those late teens, and to be honest the models can be anywhere between 18 and 23, and it is hot amateur teen porn at its absolute best.


The amount of updates that take place on this site is just remarkable. I am talking about upwards of 1500 images per week and over one hours worth of video and when you consider that it is already crammed full of porn, then that is quite a lot to take in. Thankfully everything is well laid out and trying to search through their site is also very easy with a number of options available to you. This in itself should come as a relief because when a site gets as big as this one, then the last thing you want is to try to wade through the porn it has on there.

I need to mention the quality of the content, which is both hard and soft core, because it is very, very good considering it is full of amateur chicks. You see, the movies and photos have still been shot by professionals, and that does come across when you view the content on the site. Basically, there is not much difference between this and the big name porn sites that spend a fortune on the production side of things.

The content itself is varied enough to make it interesting, so you never know if you are going to come across some chick being fucked by guys, fucking herself, or just posing naked. However, they are so hot that you are just glad to see them doing anything at all, so there really is next to no room for complaint here.

ATK Premium also gives you access to the other sites on their network, but to be honest I feel that you will be so busy with this site that you are going to simply not have the time to look at anything else. The guys behind this site really do know what they are doing when it comes to amateur teen porn and I know that I am now a big, big fan of what they do.


Top KarupsPC Discount

Save $7/mo.$23.31 per month for three months


One thing that I love about amateur porn is the fact that you always just wonder if you are going to be able to spot somebody you know. OK, that is some task, but a site such as KarupsPC does give you some hope. You see, this site is absolutely crammed full of hot amateur porn with everyday women getting naked and fucking on camera, so of course you will want to dive right in there and see what it is all about, don’t you?


KarupsPC has been around for more than a decade and during that time it has built up a massive amount of porn for you to check out and they still update once a day, so everything is just continuing to get bigger and bigger. The site itself is well laid out and you are going to be swamped even with just the previews as soon as you land on their home page, but then is that a bad thing?

At the last check you were looking at more than 12,000 different photo galleries and more than 4,500 movies and over 4,700 different chicks getting naked or fucking on camera. I say or fucking as not everything on here is hard core as there are some models that just get naked and show their body, but they are still hot and naked, so everything is cool.

There is a bit of a mixture in quality on this site, but then they have been around for a long time and technology has changed a great deal since they started this site. You also need to remember that it is amateur porn, so you are hardly going to have everything all glossy and perfect are you as that would surely take something away from it supposedly being the girl next door?

Overall, I do absolutely love this KarupsPC site as there is always something horny to watch and a new chick to go and check out. You do not survive for so long in porn unless you are good at what you do and when it comes to amateur stuff, then these guys really are up there with the best.


Top PlumperPass Discount

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PlumperPass has that big-women-type of porn that we all love (or lovers of BBW porn love!) The succulent curves on the big women will make you salivate with unbearable wanting. And with one membership deal, you get a combined mega site of BBW porn sites that offer lots of material.


In its entirety, this collection of porn is massive with 382-plus models and some 1864 films inside. The films mostly come with a picture set that offer big pixel quality resolution. The site has been around for some time and has older material that may not be so high res quality as the new 1500 pixel pictures.

You can have your plumper pics using the download option and ZIP file provided. You can also check out the videos in format like flv, mp4, and windows media. The most impressive videos inside have resolution of 720p and 1080p which is high definition territory. There are some mobile formats and versions available though they are of lower pixel sizes and quality.

The site promises weekly updates. Ever since they came out with their BBW porn, these guys have been gaining momentum and fame as they keep on producing quality action. They have never deviated from their love for big women and have converted many porn lovers to join this niche of porn. After all, who says that big beautiful women cannot do hardcore XXX stuff? No one, that’s who!

The PlumperPass discount network will give you material related to all BBW niches available. This means you will find some bdsm action sprinkled in there. They also do solo, hardcore, lesbian, and toy play action just to mention a few. You will be amazed at how wicked and freaky big gals can get when they are properly sexually motivated.

The presentation of the material is somewhat devoid of any fancy stuff. The plain presentation concept seems to be working for them. They present the updates using thumbnail previews and a dedicated section for the updates on the network. The models can be found inside the models section and can be sorted according to different criterion.

The updates have info, descriptions are also given, and the model database is a joy to navigate. You can look for models according to hair color, ethnicity, and other body traits. Using the links, you can find all the material of any model inside. Things move quickly and smoothly inside this BBW network.

All PlumperPass wants from you is your attention…oh yeah, and the small entrance fee charged! The big boned gals want to make you happy using their hardcore talents. The girls are heavy, and the network is also heavy with material! Do you want high quality BBW porn? Then turn to this network for some of the best big babes in the porn business!

Wow Girls

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Wow Girls has a title that is easy to understand…wow babes making wow porn! The site bills itself as the ultimate zone on the internet when matters of supremely beautiful babes are concerned. We can’t argue with them since they indeed have amazing gals.


The gals you will find inside look more like models than porn actors. Many of the gals are not faces you will quickly recognize. This site is so good at paring the new faces with explicit action.

When we were fiddling around inside this site for this review, we saw some 155-plus videos inside and some 274-plus image galleries. The pictures were available for quick download using the ZIP file that the site provided. They had various sizes to select when it came to the pics.

The videos inside come in flv and mp4 formats. There was streaming and downloading options available. The best quality of the videos was high definition 1080p. We were also able to establish that the site updated (regularly) on a daily basis. All these things you will discover once you login the members area.

The selection criteria for gals on this site is something that wowed us from the moment we logged in. The fact that the Wow Girls discount site has been able to offer different gals with this wow factor is an amazing feat. The site has been able to make us all agree on the beautiful nature of the models inside. It is clear that this site has worked hard to find all these gals and place them in one central site that porn lovers can visit and enjoy.

There is a lot of stuff that’s happening inside this site so you cannot say that they only have beautiful babes. The action you will find includes hardcore, softcore, solo, group sex, and lesbian scenes. All these niches highlight the beautiful gals and make damn sure that all the members’ preferences are looked after.

The different genres of films inside are produced to perfection and high quality standards. If you look at the images, they spackle with high resolution. If you look at the videos, they shine with high definition. If you look at the gals, they mesmerize with their dazzling exoticness beauty. The presentation of the user interface and design of this porn site is marvelous. There is information about the updates. There is technical info about the videos and pics. And there are tags you can use to search for models and material.

They offer their members viewing options and throw in a good neat model index. The overall blueprint of this site ends up being user friendly and professional. This gives you more time to fully immerse your desires in the material and not worry about small navigational issues.

Greatness is what Wow Girls set out to do, and greatness is exactly what they accomplished. Babes and more babes is what you will receive from these guys. With quality hardcore porn, lots of material, great site, and super-gorgeous babes, this package deal is very enticing and one you should get for yourself today!

Wicked Pictures

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Wicked Pictures caters for a very large market out there. This market consists of people (like you and me) who love watching famous pornstars do wicked scandalous porn stuff to each other!


The temperature check inside says that the thermometer is about to blow, so yeah, it’s pretty hot hardcore! These guys are not simply good porn producers, they have a reputation in the market for being a top-notch studio. They have in their galleries some 3000+ scenes from some 500+ DVD titles that they have produced. The official pornsite is simply as good as the studio in every aspect. Behind this site is close to two decades of experience. They have won various awards in the industry.

They have signed on some of the sexiest models and stars the industry has ever seen. They have competed with elite porn studios and defended their turf. They have solidified their name and they have done all this by simply making high quality porn! The official site is where you will get to learn that all the above-mentioned details are really true facts.

Inside you will find plenty of high definition scenes in mp4 video formats. You will see the production excellence that these guys have when you watch the babes do what they were born to do, make dicks cum! They are explicit in the way they bring you material, so no softcore bullshit on this site. 

The site promises to give you the best of what they can produce, and from what we saw, they definitely stick to this promise with the evidence of the Wicked Pictures discount they gave us. This porn studio has been the driving force behind some of the best pornstars in the industry. They have maintained a nice list of sexy models and have been producing stars every now and then.

The production and shooting style you will see inside is high gloss. The flawless production makes sure that the ladies look amazing and the hardcore sex looks real-life and completely engaging! They also do themes and fantasies so expect some office, public, classroom, party, kind of hardcore scenes (and others). 

They do a DVD release every week. This means 5 scenes done every week. This is a great updating schedule speed that will ensure your appetite for more material is sufficiently met. They include behind scene material, events, and other little nifty goodies just to spice up your membership. The images are professionally shot and there are many high res images inside. The navigation is simplistic in nature although they should definitely upgrade to something more intuitive and less time consuming. They also have this condom policy, so it’s rare to see bareback hardcore scenes.

They did it when they came out and they are still doing it now. What? Capturing our hearts, desires, carnal hardcore cravings and making them materialize in the form of high quality pictures and movies. Recommendation? If you love adult pornstar hardcore then get your membership to the talented Wicked Pictures!


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BangBros have been around for more than a decade and they have literally done it all! They have some of the most popular sites like ASS PARADE, BANG BUS, and so many other hardcore reality sites. And when anyone does the maths and adds up all the material inside these sites, they get some 7000+ scenes of succulent goodness!


This number continues to grow because, guess what, this network just keeps coming out with more updates daily! They now want to do things in high definition quality, which is a very welcomed service we must say! Any new student of porn should and really must visit these guys for some proper hardcore teachings!

These guys have been influencing the market for years. They were among the first to come up with gonzo style for filming material. They are aggressive in the way they protect their members and their niche market. They do this by making sure their sites deliver copious amounts of high quality porn. They do all the mainstream type of hardcore niches. They have titties, blowjobs, milfs, reality, teens, anal, babes, pornstars, cum shots, and sexy, sexy, hardcore! They go out there and actively look for new talent in the industry. They don’t want to become stale, so newbies are given their chance to shine.

As a BangBros discount member, you will benefit from all these services and more. Who says that these guys are freakishly hot? We say that and so will you once you have looked and seen what is inside this network!  They have 40 sites inside and old material is being redone in high definition 720p quality, so that’s some good news! They have material to suit all kinds of flavors, so you will not suffer one bit!

When you look at the girls, oh my, you will be very excited. They have different gals from Europeans to Ebony to Latinas. The gals have different body types with small round butts, to massive boobs and freaky Asians. The production of the videos is superior high definition quality. They also have ZIP files for picture downloads. 

They have a nice layout and the network’s colors are very inviting. Things are placed at strategic places so that members can find them quickly. The network looks very strong from our perspective! Did we mention that the material is exclusive to this network. Yep, they have a good in-house production team that has been supplying members with all that they need.

This network has been at it and many people love and admire the way they do it! They are coming up with new design and you might find some teething problems, but nothing too serious! They will make you riot, rave, cream, and scream with delight for days on end! Membership to BangBros is a guaranteed sound investment!