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PlumperPass has that big-women-type of porn that we all love (or lovers of BBW porn love!) The succulent curves on the big women will make you salivate with unbearable wanting. And with one membership deal, you get a combined mega site of BBW porn sites that offer lots of material.


In its entirety, this collection of porn is massive with 382-plus models and some 1864 films inside. The films mostly come with a picture set that offer big pixel quality resolution. The site has been around for some time and has older material that may not be so high res quality as the new 1500 pixel pictures.

You can have your plumper pics using the download option and ZIP file provided. You can also check out the videos in format like flv, mp4, and windows media. The most impressive videos inside have resolution of 720p and 1080p which is high definition territory. There are some mobile formats and versions available though they are of lower pixel sizes and quality.

The site promises weekly updates. Ever since they came out with their BBW porn, these guys have been gaining momentum and fame as they keep on producing quality action. They have never deviated from their love for big women and have converted many porn lovers to join this niche of porn. After all, who says that big beautiful women cannot do hardcore XXX stuff? No one, that’s who!

The PlumperPass discount network will give you material related to all BBW niches available. This means you will find some bdsm action sprinkled in there. They also do solo, hardcore, lesbian, and toy play action just to mention a few. You will be amazed at how wicked and freaky big gals can get when they are properly sexually motivated.

The presentation of the material is somewhat devoid of any fancy stuff. The plain presentation concept seems to be working for them. They present the updates using thumbnail previews and a dedicated section for the updates on the network. The models can be found inside the models section and can be sorted according to different criterion.

The updates have info, descriptions are also given, and the model database is a joy to navigate. You can look for models according to hair color, ethnicity, and other body traits. Using the links, you can find all the material of any model inside. Things move quickly and smoothly inside this BBW network.

All PlumperPass wants from you is your attention…oh yeah, and the small entrance fee charged! The big boned gals want to make you happy using their hardcore talents. The girls are heavy, and the network is also heavy with material! Do you want high quality BBW porn? Then turn to this network for some of the best big babes in the porn business!

Wow Girls

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Wow Girls has a title that is easy to understand…wow babes making wow porn! The site bills itself as the ultimate zone on the internet when matters of supremely beautiful babes are concerned. We can’t argue with them since they indeed have amazing gals.


The gals you will find inside look more like models than porn actors. Many of the gals are not faces you will quickly recognize. This site is so good at paring the new faces with explicit action.

When we were fiddling around inside this site for this review, we saw some 155-plus videos inside and some 274-plus image galleries. The pictures were available for quick download using the ZIP file that the site provided. They had various sizes to select when it came to the pics.

The videos inside come in flv and mp4 formats. There was streaming and downloading options available. The best quality of the videos was high definition 1080p. We were also able to establish that the site updated (regularly) on a daily basis. All these things you will discover once you login the members area.

The selection criteria for gals on this site is something that wowed us from the moment we logged in. The fact that the Wow Girls discount site has been able to offer different gals with this wow factor is an amazing feat. The site has been able to make us all agree on the beautiful nature of the models inside. It is clear that this site has worked hard to find all these gals and place them in one central site that porn lovers can visit and enjoy.

There is a lot of stuff that’s happening inside this site so you cannot say that they only have beautiful babes. The action you will find includes hardcore, softcore, solo, group sex, and lesbian scenes. All these niches highlight the beautiful gals and make damn sure that all the members’ preferences are looked after.

The different genres of films inside are produced to perfection and high quality standards. If you look at the images, they spackle with high resolution. If you look at the videos, they shine with high definition. If you look at the gals, they mesmerize with their dazzling exoticness beauty. The presentation of the user interface and design of this porn site is marvelous. There is information about the updates. There is technical info about the videos and pics. And there are tags you can use to search for models and material.

They offer their members viewing options and throw in a good neat model index. The overall blueprint of this site ends up being user friendly and professional. This gives you more time to fully immerse your desires in the material and not worry about small navigational issues.

Greatness is what Wow Girls set out to do, and greatness is exactly what they accomplished. Babes and more babes is what you will receive from these guys. With quality hardcore porn, lots of material, great site, and super-gorgeous babes, this package deal is very enticing and one you should get for yourself today!

Wicked Pictures

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Wicked Pictures caters for a very large market out there. This market consists of people (like you and me) who love watching famous pornstars do wicked scandalous porn stuff to each other!


The temperature check inside says that the thermometer is about to blow, so yeah, it’s pretty hot hardcore! These guys are not simply good porn producers, they have a reputation in the market for being a top-notch studio. They have in their galleries some 3000+ scenes from some 500+ DVD titles that they have produced. The official pornsite is simply as good as the studio in every aspect. Behind this site is close to two decades of experience. They have won various awards in the industry.

They have signed on some of the sexiest models and stars the industry has ever seen. They have competed with elite porn studios and defended their turf. They have solidified their name and they have done all this by simply making high quality porn! The official site is where you will get to learn that all the above-mentioned details are really true facts.

Inside you will find plenty of high definition scenes in mp4 video formats. You will see the production excellence that these guys have when you watch the babes do what they were born to do, make dicks cum! They are explicit in the way they bring you material, so no softcore bullshit on this site. 

The site promises to give you the best of what they can produce, and from what we saw, they definitely stick to this promise with the evidence of the Wicked Pictures discount they gave us. This porn studio has been the driving force behind some of the best pornstars in the industry. They have maintained a nice list of sexy models and have been producing stars every now and then.

The production and shooting style you will see inside is high gloss. The flawless production makes sure that the ladies look amazing and the hardcore sex looks real-life and completely engaging! They also do themes and fantasies so expect some office, public, classroom, party, kind of hardcore scenes (and others). 

They do a DVD release every week. This means 5 scenes done every week. This is a great updating schedule speed that will ensure your appetite for more material is sufficiently met. They include behind scene material, events, and other little nifty goodies just to spice up your membership. The images are professionally shot and there are many high res images inside. The navigation is simplistic in nature although they should definitely upgrade to something more intuitive and less time consuming. They also have this condom policy, so it’s rare to see bareback hardcore scenes.

They did it when they came out and they are still doing it now. What? Capturing our hearts, desires, carnal hardcore cravings and making them materialize in the form of high quality pictures and movies. Recommendation? If you love adult pornstar hardcore then get your membership to the talented Wicked Pictures!


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BangBros have been around for more than a decade and they have literally done it all! They have some of the most popular sites like ASS PARADE, BANG BUS, and so many other hardcore reality sites. And when anyone does the maths and adds up all the material inside these sites, they get some 7000+ scenes of succulent goodness!


This number continues to grow because, guess what, this network just keeps coming out with more updates daily! They now want to do things in high definition quality, which is a very welcomed service we must say! Any new student of porn should and really must visit these guys for some proper hardcore teachings!

These guys have been influencing the market for years. They were among the first to come up with gonzo style for filming material. They are aggressive in the way they protect their members and their niche market. They do this by making sure their sites deliver copious amounts of high quality porn. They do all the mainstream type of hardcore niches. They have titties, blowjobs, milfs, reality, teens, anal, babes, pornstars, cum shots, and sexy, sexy, hardcore! They go out there and actively look for new talent in the industry. They don’t want to become stale, so newbies are given their chance to shine.

As a BangBros discount member, you will benefit from all these services and more. Who says that these guys are freakishly hot? We say that and so will you once you have looked and seen what is inside this network!  They have 40 sites inside and old material is being redone in high definition 720p quality, so that’s some good news! They have material to suit all kinds of flavors, so you will not suffer one bit!

When you look at the girls, oh my, you will be very excited. They have different gals from Europeans to Ebony to Latinas. The gals have different body types with small round butts, to massive boobs and freaky Asians. The production of the videos is superior high definition quality. They also have ZIP files for picture downloads. 

They have a nice layout and the network’s colors are very inviting. Things are placed at strategic places so that members can find them quickly. The network looks very strong from our perspective! Did we mention that the material is exclusive to this network. Yep, they have a good in-house production team that has been supplying members with all that they need.

This network has been at it and many people love and admire the way they do it! They are coming up with new design and you might find some teething problems, but nothing too serious! They will make you riot, rave, cream, and scream with delight for days on end! Membership to BangBros is a guaranteed sound investment!