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BangBros have been around for more than a decade and they have literally done it all! They have some of the most popular sites like ASS PARADE, BANG BUS, and so many other hardcore reality sites. And when anyone does the maths and adds up all the material inside these sites, they get some 7000+ scenes of succulent goodness!


This number continues to grow because, guess what, this network just keeps coming out with more updates daily! They now want to do things in high definition quality, which is a very welcomed service we must say! Any new student of porn should and really must visit these guys for some proper hardcore teachings!

These guys have been influencing the market for years. They were among the first to come up with gonzo style for filming material. They are aggressive in the way they protect their members and their niche market. They do this by making sure their sites deliver copious amounts of high quality porn. They do all the mainstream type of hardcore niches. They have titties, blowjobs, milfs, reality, teens, anal, babes, pornstars, cum shots, and sexy, sexy, hardcore! They go out there and actively look for new talent in the industry. They don’t want to become stale, so newbies are given their chance to shine.

As a BangBros discount member, you will benefit from all these services and more. Who says that these guys are freakishly hot? We say that and so will you once you have looked and seen what is inside this network!  They have 40 sites inside and old material is being redone in high definition 720p quality, so that’s some good news! They have material to suit all kinds of flavors, so you will not suffer one bit!

When you look at the girls, oh my, you will be very excited. They have different gals from Europeans to Ebony to Latinas. The gals have different body types with small round butts, to massive boobs and freaky Asians. The production of the videos is superior high definition quality. They also have ZIP files for picture downloads. 

They have a nice layout and the network’s colors are very inviting. Things are placed at strategic places so that members can find them quickly. The network looks very strong from our perspective! Did we mention that the material is exclusive to this network. Yep, they have a good in-house production team that has been supplying members with all that they need.

This network has been at it and many people love and admire the way they do it! They are coming up with new design and you might find some teething problems, but nothing too serious! They will make you riot, rave, cream, and scream with delight for days on end! Membership to BangBros is a guaranteed sound investment!